Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Majesty

Julie Marie has a great new kit called Winter Majesty. I was so excited when I saw it - we spent quite a bit of time on the mountain for the holidays. Here is my first layout using it. I will make something tomorrow to turn this into a 2-pager!Credits: Julie Marie: Winter Majesty; "Fun" Puffy White Alpha; snowflakes from Frosty Santa. The only thing not from Julie Marie is the staple - I found that in a feebie kit the other day. The site is in a foreign language - EFFLUVES LOINTAINES par Timounette (no clue what that means!!)! Click it - I think it is still up!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Heart

As my daughter has grown up, I have told her many, many times that she makes my heart happy. Now, if she is happy, she says the same back to me. If she is sad, then she says my heart is so sad or my heart is crying. She has been ill and today we were cuddling and she said, "Mommy, you make my heart so happy. I love you."

Credits: Paper by Designs by Helly (Kit: Closer to You). Yellow paper (the square) by Krystal Hartley (Kit: Happy 2 B Add-on). Flowers, lace and diamond circle by Sunshine Girls (Kit: Collab Mango Tango). Butterfly by Gwenn (Kit: Surprise Glace). Alpha by A Work In Progress Designs by Vicki (Kit: Happy Days).

Friday, January 23, 2009

My First Speed Scrap

Tonight, Jeff had to work late. Since Grace has been sick, she is out like a light! I got to participate in my first ever speed scrap! I had such a wonderful time at GDWI and loved trying to follow the directions.The directions were:
1. Choose one picture. Yep, just one.
2. Choose two papers. They can be patterned or solid, but both have to basically be of the same color. You can choose different hues, or whatever, like one can be darker than the other, but the same basic color.
3. Choose 3 fasteners. These are the only fasteners you can have on this layout. That includes stitching, buttons, photo turns, staples, etc.
4. Choose 4 pieces of foliage. This includes leaves, flowers, sticks, whatever. And yep, you can use the same one multiple times if you want.
5. Choose 5 more elements to add to your layout. These are the last elements you will be adding.
6. Choose either 6 words or 6 letters to make your title.
7. Choose 7 characters to make your date. For example you could be creative for March 1st and put "0030108" or "mar0108." And you're done! Yay!
Where I went wrong: #3. I needed 3 fasteners and I wound up with 5. I really, really wanted that floral clip and the frame. The frame came "pre-stapled" otherwise I would have put just 2 staples on it. Since it was a speed scrap, I didn't take the time to try to figure out how to remove 2 of them.

Paper, Bird, Brown frame, pink circles, and ribbon are from Hugs N Stuff, a freebie from Stacey Towers. Alpha is Julie Marie, Worn Alpha 2. The clip with the flower is from It's a Girl Thing, Bluedream Designs.

Thanks to Shannon at GDWI for hosting! Go check out the gallery to see all the other participants' layouts!

Express Yourself

Another one with the Labor of Love collab kit. A freebie from CLD (I think). This is going to set across from the one below, "Style."

Speaking of expressing yourself....yesterday, while my daughter was outside at school, the class heard a loud popping sound. Grace shrieked..."The sky just FARTED!" I am going to have to have a talk with my husband about using the F-Word! LOL

My poor baby is sick now...her ear is "affected" (ear infection). According to her, a bug crawled in her ear at rest time and "affected" it. She also is having severe allergies. I feel so badly for her.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Layout -Style - and a freebie template

I downloaded a free collab kit a while back called Labor of Love (I am pretty sure it came from CLD). I finally had some time to sit down and play with it over the past couple of days. This is what I came up with:I saw a layout in SB Etc (can't remember the issue) that inspired this layout. The layout was titled "No Doubt" - but since I can't find the magazine now, I don't know who created the original!

The designers that I used include Greedz Graphics & Valarie Ostrom.

Here is a freebie template I made from the above layout! You can download it here!

A Couple of Templates for ya!

Here are the templates that I told you guys about. I hope you enjoy them!
Who You Are Template:
Love Template:If you decide to use them, please give me credit (Aimee aka ScraftyGirl). Please do not share, but just direct them here to download the template for themselves!

To download LOVE, click here!

To download WHO YOU ARE, click here!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Love Hearts

Julie Marie has come up with another great kit, Love Hearts. I couldn't wait for Valentine's Day to use it, so I made these 2 layouts:The alpha is Worn Alpha 2, also Julie Marie Design's - and, they are on sale right now!

I am in the process of making a couple of templates, so check back soon!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snowmen - Texas Style

Julie Marie has a new kit out called Frosty Santa. I love the colors that she used for the kit - and the designs are great. I used it to make this:Here in Texas, we don't get much snow...so we make do with what we have. Grace and several of her friends got together to make these Rice Krispies Snowmen. Grace had the best time ever. She is kinda crafty (the apple doesn't fall far) and really enjoys any kind of craft. She was among the first to sit down for this activity and was by far the last to finish!